St Lucia Island Paradise This beautiful and sunny island of Saint Lucia (St Lucia), is located in the eastern Caribbean. #VacationRentalStLucia #StLuciaThingstoDo #SaintLuciaTravelGuide Saint Lucia is an island in the southern Caribbean; it is world renowned for its white sandy beaches,coconut trees and is widely recognized as the perfect destination for everyone. #CastriesStLucia #StLuciaCaribbean If you love the sea, then catamaran sailing is for you. You can spend an entire day on a catamaran leaving from the Castries harbor, sailing along the west coast. #StLuciatravelblog #StLuciaVacationBlog St Lucia offer some of the best packages include a delightful blend of activities, amenities and facilities on this island paradise. #CaribbeanHomeRentalsinStLucia #LuxuryCondoandVillaRentalinStLucia With the Ocean at its door steps, seafood is available in abundance, and many travelers also join the locals for the all time favorites such as tuna, mahi mahi, and snapper. #HolidayRentalsinSaintLucia #https://dailycoyoteimag.blogspot.ca/2017/05/deep-sea-fishing-in-caribbean.html #VacationHomesinStLucia https://dailycoyoteimag.blogspot.ca/2017/05/deep-sea-fishing-in-caribbean.html

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