Scuba diving St. Lucia #ScubadivingStLucia #AguidetoScubadivinginStLucia The Caribbean island of St Lucia is considered one of the best spot for diving. From shallow reef dives to deeper dives where you can swim through caverns. St. Lucia is a top notch dive destination for beginners and more experienced divers. #ScubadivingintheCaribbean #IslandHoppingintheCaribbean #VacationinStLucia #PlanningaSTLucianVacation #DestinationTravelStLucia #DestinationCaribbeanTravel Another option for a reef dive is to visit the Coral Gardens. They are located at the bottom of the famous Gros Piton which is one of the two mountains you cannot miss when you are in St. Lucia. #LuxuryCondoandVillaRentalinStLucia #TopCaribbeanVacationSpot Joint me as we explore and discover all the wonders that St Lucia delivers. #CaribbeanIslandHoppingHolidays #TheBestCaribbeanIslandForIslandHopping #VacationRentalStLucia #VacationtoStLucia #https://vacationrentalstlucia.com/guide-scuba-diving-st-lucia/ From the boat you will get an amazing view just before you jump in the water to dive the Coral Gardens. #DiscoverStLucia https://vacationrentalstlucia.com/guide-scuba-diving-st-lucia/

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