The Things You Must Know About Getting Married in St. Lucia

Caribbean Weddings in St Lucia | Best Place to Get Married St Lucia

Today, thousands of people from around the world are choosing to get married in the Caribbean.


It is fun and less expensive the traditional wedding.
This guide will help you plan an inexpensive Caribbean wedding in a place named St Lucia .

This island is best known for its lush rain forests, tantalizing waterfalls and coral reefs; one being the underwater park at Anse Chastanet. 

The island is often refer to as the romantic capital of the Caribbean and or the Helen of the West

It can get very difficult to arrange the perfect wedding because you are in a new place and have no idea of where to go and how to get things done.

Even if you are on a tight budget, you might have to opt for a wedding planner because they just have a knack to get everything done on time and exactly how you want it.

About the author:
Andrew Prince is the sales and marketing contact at Vacation Rental St Lucia.
We provide some the finest accommodation and tours options on the island. Contact us today ……We got space for you.

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About Vacation Rental St Lucia

Marketing at Vacation Rental St Lucia. About Vacation Rental St Lucia We are an online listing of the finest resorts,vacation rentals and holiday homes across the Caribbean island of St Lucia. This beautiful and sunny island of Saint Lucia (St Lucia), is located in the eastern Caribbean. Its the ideal place for your next perfect vacation, destination wedding or honeymoon. St Lucia offer some of the best packages include a delightful blend of activities, amenities and facilities on this island paradise. If swimming in a tropical ocean, swimming in a pool, hiking, biking, dining, family moments or just relaxing at one of our Golf & Spa location then a Vacation in St Lucia is for you. Where is The Island of St Lucia St. Lucia is considered has one of the top Caribbean tourist destinations. Located in the eastern Caribbean chain of islands directly south of Martinique and north of St Vincent, St Lucia is an island which has it all. Caribbean Rentals St Lucia View all posts by Vacation Rental St Lucia

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